My FAVORITE Colorado Coffee Shops

Hi! If you know anything about me than you’ll know I’m obsessed with going to coffee shops, even though I don’t drink coffee ~oops~ My caffeine tolerance is so low that even a large cup of green tea will have me bouncing off the walls, talking super fast, and extremely jittery for the whole day (although that doesn’t stop me from ordering the occasional matcha 😀 )

My list of coffee shops to visit, yes, my literal list in the notes section of my phone, grows daily. I love everything about coffee shops. I love the unique vibes they give off. I love having coffee dates with anyone from close friends to people I’m meeting for the first time. I love going to coffee shops to do homework for hours, or sit and people watch and talk to the barista until I know their whole life story.

I often get asked which coffee shops are my favorites, and if you’ve ever asked, you know the list goes on and on, especially if I’ve tried a new one recently. So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite coffee shops in Colorado, specifically in Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins. This list is by no means complete and is just a starting point, but if you’re looking for a place to grab some Joe (or some herbal tea like me) I suggest trying these!


Wonder Press

Vibes: Sophisticated, Healthy, Artistic

This one doubles for my favorite juice shop and a top of the list coffee shop. A white square building on the West End of Pearl, Wonder is a beacon of hope for anyone looking for a healthy treat. Wonder makes freshly pressed juices, nut milks, smoothies, coffee drinks, bone broths, and so much more. They feature beautiful local artwork on the walls, and have local artisan products for sale. They make delicious muffins out of the leftover pulp which are extremely moist and delicious, as well as other fun goodies like overnight oats and chia pudding, all made with their homemade nut milks.

I love sitting here at looking at the artwork, journaling, or doing homework. It’s a great place to meet friends and chat for hours. Great people watching since it’s on Pearl Street. A few tables sit out front and are the perfect place to sit on a summer afternoon if you can snag a spot.   

Must Try: Yam Spice Latte with homemade nut milk (cold months only), the Jade, the Blue Lagoon, Morning Glory Muffins

Alpine Modern

Vibes: Chic, Fresh, Sophisticated

I discovered Alpine Modern my junior year of high school and instantly fell in love. They now have two locations, one on the west end of Pearl Street and the other on College Ave. The College Ave. location will always be my favorite. A tiny cabin tucked into the foothills. It feels like a weekend escape. The brightly lit, mountain-minimalist concept brings a L.A. feel with a Boulder twist.

Both their drinks and food are delicious. Their menu changes seasonally, but always features an assortment of toasts or “tartines” (the avocado toast being the favorite), breakfast items such as yogurt and granola, and usually a hearty quinoa bowl— my personal favorite. In the past they’ve also had soups, sandwiches, and the most delicious chia pudding which I hope they bring back. A trip to Alpine Modern never fails to brighten my day!

Must Try: Matcha Latte, Quinoa Bowl, Avocado Tartine


Paul’s Coffee & Tea

Vibes: Folksy, Eclectic, Local

The incredible aroma of freshly processed coffee fills the air at this funky shop in Louisville. Paul’s is so unapologetically unique. It embodies the locals of Louisville in the most perfect way, filled with mismatching chairs and tables, black and white tiled floor, and fascinating memorabilia. In addition to brewing their own blends in house, Paul’s has a whole range of delicious drinks including smoothies, fun herbal teas, and all the classics like hot chocolate. They serve salads, sandwiches, and lots of local snacks and pastries including burritos, and plenty of gluten-free options. Music by local musicians often fills the air, and local artwork lines the walls, even showcasing artwork one by kids. A fantastic down-to-earth little shop!

Must Try: the coffee! Or a mean latte, the chai, local baked goods

Bittersweet Cafe and Confection

Vibe: Inviting, Humble, Charming

A bright red house on Main Street, bittersweet welcomes in guests with it’s huge menu of drinks and food, sure to please anyone and everyone. They have everything from loose leaf tea, to smoothies, to matcha, and everything in between. A full food menu has breakfast and lunch options, and a huge bakery case presents the daily options.

Bittersweet is a great place to get work done, socialize, or enjoy an afternoon in Downtown Louisville.

Must Try: Loose Leaf Tea, Homemade Pastries


Black Eye

Vibes: Cool, Sleek, Trendy

I immediately fell in love with this cute shop in Denver. I went right before Christmas so it was decorated with minimalist holiday decor. A giant board read “All I Want for Christmas Is…” and customers were invited to fill out little cards with their response. I was blown away by some of the responses. Some were basic, like a new phone, and others were vulnerable and next level, like wishing away disease, or sending blessings to those who need them. I ordered one of their specials, a beet latte, made with beet powder, almond milk, and honey. It was a delicious and unique combo. The other specials were also super unique and added a differentiating element from a lot of other shops. I also ordered the sweet potato hash with brussel sprouts and it was so yummy. The textures and flavors were powerful, yet balanced, and it was a delightful brunch.

Must Try:

The special drinks, the Sweet Potato Hash, Granola and Yogurt, Acai Bowl

Mmm… Coffee: Paleo Bistro

Vibes: Quirky, Dedicated, Artistic

Omg this is my most recent find and I’m obsessed!! Everything is paleo and absolutely incredible. They really know what they’re doing. They serve all the classic drinks in addition to drinks more popular in the health and wellness, specifically paleo, realms, such as bulletcoffee coffee, an golden milk lattes. The lady taking my order recommended a mixture between an orange tea and the licorice and it was absolutely incredible. When I told them it was my first time, they gave me a sample of their homemade granola, which was absolutely fantastic. They serve salads, soups, and other savory items, along with a variety of baked goods including muffins, cookies, and brownies.

I tried their love muffin which is made with sunbutter, pumpkin seeds, coconut, chocolate, and honey. It was literally the BEST muffin I’ve ever had. Moist, chewy but light, and crisp on the top. I also snagged some granola for breakfast the next day, tossed it in a bowl with some almond milk and blueberries and was so happy I did.

The shop is in The Arts District in Denver and sits in an art gallery. Chairs and tables are immersed in the beautiful local art work. There are two levels and plenty of seating, with spaces for both those looking to quietly relax or get work done, and those wanting to sit and chat. I can’t wait to go back!

Must Try: The Love Muffin, The Granola, Mix of the orange and licorice teas.

Fort Collins

Ginger and Baker

Vibes: Farmhouse-Chic, Home-Baked, Bustling

Another one of my new favorites! Ginger and Baker is a full scale operation with a bakery, coffee shop, teaching kitchen, and multiple restaurants. It sits on the edge of old town Fort Collins, in a multileveled complex. To enter the coffee shop/bakery, you walk into the white farmhouse style entrance, through a cute little shop, and run straight into a huge dessert case full of pies and other goodies. They have seating along the edge of the coffee station, which is a perfect place to get work done! The walls are lined with products for purchase ranging from homemade goodies like granola, jam, and pancake mix, to branded t shirts, and fun souvenirs like coffee and mugs. I haven’t tried their full service restaurants yet, but I look forward to dining with them!

Must Try: Pie, Pastries, Matcha Latte w/ lavender

Bindle Coffee

Vibes: Cozy, Welcoming, Cabin Style

I’m literally obsessed. Bindle is like walking into the cutest little mountain cabin you’ve ever seen. It’s located a little away from the hustle and bustle of the center of town on Jessup Dr., a property of a couple of adorable, unique local businesses. The menu includes fun items like a smoothie bowl and housemade almond-cashew milk. They have an assortment of pastries including lots of gluten free and paleo options! They have different nooks and vibes for seating areas, including my favorite in front of a window with draping curtains. This is another shop I cannot wait to go back to again and again.

Must Try: Herbal Tea, Smoothie Bowl, Homemade nut milk

Okay, that’s all for now! I hope I’ve given you some ideas for some fun coffee shops to visit. If you have any suggestions for me, send them my way! I’m always up for spending an afternoon in a fun new place sipping on herbal tea 🙂




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