Life Update: June 2019

Hi lovely humans!

I’m baaaack!! I’ve returned to this online space after a brief hiatus, ready to continue sharing a create a place that feels so incredibly authentic and 100% Alli.

The last time I posted I was writing from home enjoying a day off, a snow day, from school. Today I write from the cutest, most grounding coffee shop, while the sun beats down outside on the 80 degree day. Isn’t it amazing how life can change so drastically from day to day, moment to moment 🙂

The last few months have begun a new chapter in my life. One that felt like it took forever to take off, to get into the groove, find a sense of normalcy. What I’ve learned is that there is no normal, no routine or pattern. Every day is different, every moment is precious in it’s own way.

As I look back on the last chapter of my life, it seems so far away. It seems as if time is flying by, moving at the speed of light upon reflection, yet contrastingly so slow in the moment. It feels like years ago that I lived in Minneapolis. Years ago that I was in a sorority and walked 30 minutes to get to yoga or Whole Foods and dreamed about being back in the mountains and teaching for Corepower. Every chapter has its highs and it’s lows, but I couldn’t be more content with how this adventure is unfolding.

I sit here in June, my first semester at CSU behind me, my first half of undergrad completed. It seems crazy to me that I still have two years left, and also crazy to me that I only have two years left. To think about how much I’ve grown and evolved in the past year blows my mind, and makes me realize just how precious this life of mine is.

Transitioning to a new school in the middle of the year was well, weird. I enrolled for a special class for transfer students that aided in transition to the university, but what I didn’t realize is that the majority of the other students were learning how to transition to university in general. Many students came from community college or small colleges, some from the military, and some from previous careers.

It humbled me to realize that all of the things I’ve taken for granted coming from a rigorous high school, and well-ranked university, like study habits, time management, and even how to talk to professors and go to office hours. A lot of the class focused on developing these skills and becoming more in touch with yourself using systems such as Myers-Briggs, which honestly felt a little been-there-done-that as I was diving into things liked astrology and human design. What I gained most from this class was a shift in perspective. To learn that everyone’s story is different, and that there’s not one “right” way to “do” college. I’d always had in my head that everyone went to a 4 year university, joined lots of organizations, worked hard to earn good grades, and graduated in 4 years.

Since then I’ve learned that only 35% of adult Americans have college degrees, a number which had always seemed to me to be closer to 85-90%. Through this class, and my basic Sociology 101 class, I dove in deep to the hard perception of how lucky I am. That I don’t have to worry about funding my education. That I’ve attended incredible schools and have been tracked to this path without even thinking much about it. That I have the opportunities to do anything I choose.

Through volunteering at the homeless shelter, serving meals to those who can’t cook for themselves, I’ve experienced the incredible power of positivity and gratitude that we discuss so deeply at the yoga studio. These concepts are not just for the people who are lucky enough to be able to practice yoga at an expensive studio. Kindness, gratitude, and a positive attitude can shift anyone’s day and eventually, anyone’s life.

I’m amazed by Stephen, an employee who is an ex-convict, who has used religion as a guiding light out of the depths of the jail cell to help others who have made mistakes they regret and back into the life of his son and now grandchild. Who shows me picture of them every time I work his shift, who is always counseling the others at the shelter to stay positive and keep working hard, and who always asks about my life with genuine curiosity.

It has been difficult to make friends at school, especially not living in student apartments (I stay with my grandmother which is the most incredible gift) and no longer having the social roots and stability of a sorority. It’s challenged me to put myself out there even more. To rely on my passions to connect me with the right kind of people, and to not settle for relationships in which I give more than I receive. I’ve been challenged to reexamine what I do in my free time, and realizing how much more space I have when I release the activities that I think I should do and do what my soul really craves.

Over the course of the semester I found my teaching roots at Corepower, at 4 different studios. I taught in Fort Collins as well as as all three of the Boulder studios. Teaching has made me dive even deeper into who I am. How I share myself with the world. It’s taught me to not be afraid of sharing my voice and being myself. To face my limiting beliefs head on. To realize that even though I’m young, even though I’m new, my words and actions are valuable. We all can learn a lesson from everyone we encounter, and we can all teach a lesson in return.

This semester has validated that I want to work with people and work with them to better themselves. I love meeting new students when I teach, to establish relationships and friendships. To give a warm smile and greeting, and maybe even inspire a moment of positivity or self-love. I continue on the dietetics path, passionate about this area of study but not attached to the future, practicing aparigraha, non-attachment. Maybe I’ll decide to go down the dietician route. Maybe I’ll decide to go the naturopathic doctor route. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll end up in management for Corepower. I leave the door of the future open because in the end, we can never really know what it holds.

As I celebrated my 20th birthday, I felt so blessed for those in my life who made the day special. I look towards the future realizing how young I really am. That it’s okay that I’m still in school, still relying on my family for support, and still unsure of what I truly want for the future. I’m so proud of myself for everything I’ve accomplished, and so excited for all of my future endeavors.

So what now?

This summer I’m in Boulder full time. Teaching as much yoga as I possibly can and working in a bright orange food truck that sells soft serve ice cream made entirely out of frozen fruit (It’s called Banom-a-nom, check it out!!) I’m spending my time at fun festivals and events, merging in and out of traffic in a giant truck, a pillow behind my back so I can reach the pedals. Life is good.

I’m learning that my perspective and thoughts create my attitude. Life can be good while difficult times loom. Life will always have it’s hard moments, but through gratitude and kindness, each day can be a little bit brighter, over time creating a ray of sunshine.

That’s all for now.






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