Embracing the New, Embracing the Change

In the last few weeks, my whole life has been turned upside down. I started a new school, a new job, and moved into a new place. My ideals of “normal” have been tested. I’ve questioned everything about myself, and struggled with grasping who I am and who I want to be.

I’m a person who craves change. I get bored with monotony. I get tired of being stuck in the same grind. I’m always looking towards what’s next, and while I work to stay grounded in the present, I know part of this is just who I am and that’s something I’m learning to embrace.

While I love change, there’s no denying it, change is hard. It forces us to step outside of our comfort zones. To ask people for help. To take more responsibility in figuring out the little things that seem so simple.

The daily routine is something that gets me. In my life, each day is different, organized through my beloved planner to keep a sense of sanity. But patterns emerge. A yoga or workout class is a staple. Being back in school, class and studying are staples, yet the in betweens are so variable.

Being surrounded by newness requires us to take a step back and reevaluate all the in betweens. Where to study. When to pack lunch, and what to pack. When to stay on campus and when to go home. When to wake up early, when to stay up late.

Newness can bring about feelings of self doubt. Of loneliness. Of questioning the decisions we’ve made that brought about the new. We have complete power of how we want to use these feelings. Are we going to let them consume us, or are we going to notice them, accept them, then let them fuel our growth. Can we embrace the new? Can we embrace the change?

Without change we never grow. We never meet new people, see new places, try new things. Change grants us perspective. As humans we love the familiarity of places we know and people we know, or at least places like we’re used to and people like us. The different challenges us. Pushes us to have more acceptance and understanding. It makes us deeper and more interesting people. When we push through the uncomfortable feelings that accompany change, we blossom in ways we might have never thought was imaginable.

When we encounter change, can we shift our perspective to assist in this transformation? Remind ourselves of the millions of things we’re grateful for, the special people in our lives, and the moments that make us laugh so hard we cry. Can we cherish the past, embrace the present, and welcome the future.

As I walk around a new campus, I’m excited to explore the unique buildings, new to my eyes. As I sit in class, I open my eyes to the class cultures and learning styles that differ from my previous institution. As I drive around a new town, I can’t wait to explore all of the restaurants and coffee shops I pass, happy I’ve already found a few favorites. As I reconnect with old friends I’m amazed at all the amazing things my childhood friends have accomplished, and feel blessed for the opportunity to see them once again. As I explore a different way of being a college student, I’m humbled by how my definition of what college “should” be has been destroyed, opening so many doors to truly figure out what I want this experience to look like for me.

So here I am. One day at a time. Eyes wide open. Accepting my journey as I navigate through this beautiful new chapter in my life— embracing the new, embracing the change.

Xoxo, A

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