Marathon Training 2.0- Quarter 1

The Spark  From the second I crossed the finish line I knew it would not be my last. Running my first marathon was a magical experience. Yes, running a marathon is hard, and yes the… View Post

Cultivating Bliss

It’s absolutely incredible. As I look back on the goals I set for myself a year, 6 months, even 3 months ago, I’m achieving exactly what I set out to do. Of course life is… View Post

Life Update: June 2019

Hi lovely humans! I’m baaaack!! I’ve returned to this online space after a brief hiatus, ready to continue sharing a create a place that feels so incredibly authentic and 100% Alli. The last time I… View Post

What It’s like to be a New Yoga Teacher

Hi guys! I’m sitting on the couch, under a heated blanket, watching the rain turn into snow that cancelled classes and gave me a snow day today! I’m feeling extremely lucky to have the extra… View Post

My FAVORITE Colorado Coffee Shops

Hi! If you know anything about me than you’ll know I’m obsessed with going to coffee shops, even though I don’t drink coffee ~oops~ My caffeine tolerance is so low that even a large cup… View Post