The LA Marathon: Race Day

It absolutely blows my mind that the LA marathon was already a week ago, but even more that it was only a week ago. The world has changed so much in the last seven days… View Post

Marathon Training 2.0- Quarter 2

I’m halfway through training for the LA Marathon!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I honestly have no idea what happened to the last two months, they’ve just flown by. Looking at a training plan is intimidating. There are so… View Post

Twenty Nineteen

I entered 2019 knowing it would be a year of big changes. Some exciting. Some scary. Some I would resist and some I would leap towards with open arms. 2019 offered so many incredible moments,… View Post

Marathon Training 2.0- Quarter 1

The Spark  From the second I crossed the finish line I knew it would not be my last. Running my first marathon was a magical experience. Yes, running a marathon is hard, and yes the… View Post

My Vessel, My Temple

To find a person 100 percent comfortable in their own skin is about as hard as striking gold in a mine full of dusty rocks; yes, it happens, but so rarely that the occurrence surprises… View Post